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GKSW offers the following services to schools, school administrators, students and their families: Psycho-Educational Evaluations; In-service Training of School Personnel; and Ongoing Consultation to School Administrators. 

Psycho-Educational Evaluations
Our Certified School Psychologists conduct individualized assessments that are an essential part of designing effective plans for the educational care of students (Pre-school through Post-Secondary).

Typical referral questions include:

  • Diagnosis of learning disabilities and other factors that can impede learning.
  • Assessment of problems with attention/concentration and other executive functions such as planning/organization.
  • Testing for application to independent schools.
  • Clarification of concerns about emotional functioning, such as the diagnosis of mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Documentation needed when requesting accommodations in the classroom and/or when taking standardized tests such as the SAT

We believe that collaboration with Educators and other professionals is an important part of the assessment process. When possible this may include classroom observation.
The assessment process includes both a written report outlining recommendations for interventions at school and home, and a feedback meeting when the test results are explained to the student and his/her family.  We offer bilingual (Spanish) evaluations.

In-Service Training
We provide staff training to Educators (teachers, administrators, support staff) designed to meet specific needs identified by our client schools. The scope of these programs ranges from brief “Lunch and Learn” presentations to half-day, all-day or multiple day in-service training.  

Sample topics include:

  • Building Ethics-Based learning communities.
  • Parent-Teacher interaction: Going from damage control to becoming good collaborators.
  • Design and implementation of Peer Mediation programs.
  • Making Psycho-Educational Evaluation results useful and “Teacher-friendly”.
  • Practical guidelines for working with special populations such as students with AD/HD and Asperger’s Disorder.
  • Facilitating the process of clarifying a school or school district’s Mission and Goals.
  • Creating and preserving a positive school climate – the antidote to Educator Burn-Out.

Consultation Services to School Administrators
Dr. Rob Staples’ twenty years of experience as a consultant to Heads of Schools has made it clear that the expression “It’s lonely at the top” doesn’t only apply to CEOs of corporations.
Knowledge of pedagogical theories is only one aspect of the School Administrator’s job. In fact it is not unusual for those who hold such a responsible position to find themselves reminiscing about the days when they were back in the classroom working directly with their students and interacting with their peers.
Overseeing the operations of a school or school district is a very challenging task requiring a diverse set of skills. One has to wear many hats including Human Systems Engineer, Diplomat, Politician and Fundraiser. For many years Executive Coaching has been recognized as a valuable resource in the corporate world. Dr. Staples is highly skilled at providing analogous services in the academic arena.
It can be very helpful to meet with a trained professional who is not part of the system; who can assess situations objectively and assist both in problem solving and in proactively developing one’s leadership skills. Dr. Staples’ background in Clinical/School Psychology and Systems Theory allows him to provide valuable consultation, while remaining aware and respectful of the importance of confidentiality.
Consulting agreements are designed to meet the unique needs of each administrator and school environment. Dr. Staples’ clients have included Plymouth Meeting Friends School, Oak Lane Day School and Benchmark School. 

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