GKSW/Crystal Group Associates, LLP


Professional Training

GKSW/CGA has extensive experience providing training and supervisory consultation services for other professionals.  We offer various workshops, many of which provide continuing education credits to participants, as well as individual and group consultation services. We offer programs in Supervision Training and Psychoanalytic Object Relations Therapy.  Past workshop titles have been “Transference & Countertransference”, “Introduction to Wilfred Bion”, and “Psychoanalysis, the Bible, & Harry Potter”

Consultation to Educational Institutions
We recognize the key role that social, emotional, and behavioral factors play in the educational experience.  A wide array of consultation services to schools (Pre-School through College) is available, including In-Service training of school personnel, school-community liaison services, ongoing consultations to administrators (including Principals/Heads of Schools), and assistance with planning and implementing social/emotional curricula .

Pastoral Resource Network (PRN) and Bereavement Care

With a professionally accredited pastoral counselor on staff, we are able to offer a range of consultation services including individual and family counseling to clergy and their families, sermons and workshops, and an on-going support group for clergy.
Several of our Clinical Associates with specialized training in grief, loss, and transition offer counseling and consultation to adolescents, adults, and senior adults on coping creatively and realistically with life changes and challenges.

Human Resource and Organizational Development

GKSW/CGA’s skills in Human Resource Management and Organizational Development consulting have been utilized in a variety of settings, proprietary as well as not-for-profit.  We develop and implement individualized programs to meet the specific needs of the contracting group.  Examples include organizational analysis, supervisory and management training, team building, and stress management.

Foster Care Training
We offer in-depth trainings to foster care agencies.  These trainings are geared toward helping dedicated foster parents and foster care social workers in their challenging jobs of caring for foster children.  Examples of trainings include “Understanding Why Foster Children Misbehave,” “Separation and Loss,” and “Mental Health Disorders in Children and Adolescents.”   In addition, trainings can be tailored to address the specific needs of the requesting organization.