GKSW/Crystal Group Associates, LLP

Catherine Welsh (Wyndmoor and Center City offices) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who provides psychotherapy to individuals of all ages. Some of her areas of clinical interest include depression, grief, relationship difficulties, anxiety, school-related behavioral issues, as well as acute and complex trauma recovery. Utilizing an empathic therapeutic relationship, Catherine offers a safe and confidential space to sort through confusing thoughts and explore painful emotions. By looking thoughtfully at early relationships and formative experiences, she seeks to understand her patients’ current interactive patterns with others and how they cope with life difficulties. The goal of her work is to foster self-awareness and build the capacity to live a life of curiosity, creativity, vitality, and connection.

Catherine earned a Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy from Capital University in 1988.  She was awarded her Master of Social Work degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1993. She continually seeks to enhance her clinical skills through ongoing training, supervision, and group study. In addition to individual psychotherapy, she offers clinical consultation grounded in the study of object-relations psychodynamic therapy. Catherine is also trained in EMDR therapy, which is a neurologically-based treatment approach that resolves unprocessed traumatic memories by facilitating the brain’s natural capacity for healing. In addition, Catherine is prioritizing her understanding of the impact of white privilege in people of all races, and striving to be sensitive and relevant in her cross-cultural interactions.